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Hello music lovers!

We are two pals from Ukraine - one in marketing and the other in software development - who love music. We wanted a simple app to stay on top of new music releases of favourite bands, so we created the Friend's Tapes. We hope you find it useful, too! Read our short story below.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring more joy to your life by making it easier for you to listen to the music you love 🎧 💚

Our Story

We love music. But just like many of you, we had a problem staying on top of new albums of our favourite bands and musicians.


Sure, you can follow artists on music streaming apps like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, Soundcloud, and others.


But it doesn't guarantee you'll not be missing new releases you'd love to know about. Notification systems in the music streaming apps are messy, and it's easy to miss the new albums/EPs/songs. 

Some apps, like Crabhands, MusicButler, Beeprmusic, MusicHarbor, and others, track your music libraries and optimize notifications. But they require your active effort to manage your music library and tune notification settings.

We thought it would be great to have an app that:  

(1) is easy to use (set up once and forget); 
(2) stays with you always, no matter what streaming music service you currently use;
(3) solves new album notifications once and for all.

So we created Friend's Tapes. We decided to keep it super simple – without the need to create accounts, remember your logins, and all that. It lives in your email inbox.

Just enter the name of the band or artist + your email address, and Friend's Tapes will send you a short email every time they release a new album or EP.​ And you can unsubscribe at any time, of course.

For us, it's a weekend hobby project, but we also use it ourselves and get tons of value and fun! We hope you'll enjoy it, too.

The "Friend's Tapes" name is a homage to the cassette tapes culture of the 90s. It was the time when music fans were copying each other's cassette tapes and sharing new releases, hence the name.

We love your feedback! Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter (@friendstapes) or LinkedIn, or drop us an email.

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